[Bullshit] To be the one who you are ( letter1)

If you told me that friends are totally improtant in my life just at yesterday, maybe I will just smile and told you that you are a damn stupide ass-hole. But everything has changed now. 

    You know, you arn't a kind of people who has a huge possessive for your friends, your famliy members, or even your lover. Sure of that, you are really selfish and indifferent, everyone aroud the world seems like nothing in your eyes. You always just care about your self, forever, ever, and ever. Oh waite, I didn't mean that it's a kind of bad behaviour, actually I think it's rally cool! Think about it: you moves like a killer, non-expression on your face, a black overcoat or a black scarf or a black sunglasses... damn it! Just need a black thing it will be everything! 

      Well, all those bullshit above this line, just want to reminds you that do not change your personality. The word 'personality' is means that is your personal things, your personal mind, or even your id. Okay you damn adult, don't think 'id' means your foolish id-number or your id card, alright? I'm not sure if you still you interested in psychology or something like that, but this 'id' in here just means your original desire.

     Okay, I don't know if you are a sussessful entrepreneur with many shit maney or you are just a boring woman just like every damn colleagues in your office. I don't care about that. I just want to tell you, do not lose your indifferent, that is the coolest  thing I have ever find in your story.

                            You konw who I am, damn adult :)

                            Wish you have already get over your procrastination

                            July fourth, 2014


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