[Nonsense] Keep every single word

        I should say that toady is the worst day during my whole summer vacation. Nothing disapointment, nothing made me angry, but just feel deeply guity with my self.

      Actually, things were all changed  since I start my first turm in high school, espacially in the International school. My final goal wasn't some kinds of "well-know Chinese uni" like Tsinghua or Peking,but some uni which seems like pretty awesome in Australia. Okay just stop those touchy-feely nonsense, let us move on to the mean point.

   I've already know how damn bad I did in my last turm, tbh that made me feel terribly awful, coz I hate the way that my mom talk with me——just like I'm the foolish loser! I just hate that and do not wanna let that kind of thing happend again! So I suppose to change my study methods, and want to creat a really obvious change when I appear in my new turm.

   BUT, I nearly spend my whole vacation in watch damn VCDs, or refresh news in social network, or sleep... That's horrible, isn't it? 

     Okey dokey, to live in a fantasy way, the first step to do is to make my self pretty different from other guys! And I'm gonna keep the promis with I told my self just in the beginning of this summer vacation. 

    You have to remember me, and admire me ; ) That's it.


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